About Us

We are a holdings company that has 20 years experience in various industrial fields. We believe in strength through diversity, and constant research and implementation of innovative products and services to offer customers the best in what they look.

Our Mission

Work hard, work smart, not only for ourselves but ultimately for the benefit of everyone, for the betterment of the economy and society. We believe "Home is a happy place if we do the work to make it so"

Our Plan

Our overal strategy can be summed up in these words "Strength through diversity". Our biggest motivation is Innovativeness, we believe that is the most necessary ingredient to a successful company and economy.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the destination for Innovative Advertising, Outdoor Events, Hospitable Student Accommodation, easy Loan facilities and fast and affordable Internet Service Provision.


Because we are a Holdings Company with a number of subsidiaries, we offer a number of diverse services to our clients. Each standaolone subsidiary offers the best in its field.

Billboards & Street Pole Ads

We offer all types of Billboards. From LED, Trivision to Ordinary Ordinary billboards of different shapes and sizes.

Mobile Portable Toilets

VIP Double Trailers, Executive Double Trailers, Wagon Trailers, Executive Single, Ordinary Single, Knock Down and Urinal Toilets

University Students Accommodation

We have 4 houses available for off-campus accommodation, 3 in Mt Pleasant Harare and 1 in Mt Pleasant heights Harare

Transithomes Contractors

Civil engineering and Building Contractors

Professional Printing

Professional Printing on various types of material, from cloth to vinyl, to PVC, Contravisioin, to Gloss and Ordinary Paper.

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We are a leading company in the rapidly changing environment of technology 






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  • Toilets
  • Accommodation Houses
  • Loan Facilities
  • ISP Services

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